Twice Treasured Estate Sales and Household Liquidations


Liquidating a house can be both emotionally and physically challenging.


Twice Treasured Estate Sales will help make your transition between homes easier than you ever dreamed possible!  Having been in business for 20 years, we have dedicated customers who enjoy shopping with us and every sale has been a tremendous success. We enjoy all the components involved in the process - meeting new clients, researching items, photographing them, staging the home to best showcase the inventory, and then conducting the sale! 

We look forward to a very busy season and have staff to cover multiple sales during each week.


What is an estate sale?  By definition, they are sales which liquidate the majority of assets in a house. Most of our clients are delightfully active, downsizing to smaller residences (liberating themselves from all their unwanted "stuff"), heading for grandkids' country, and a few are faced with liquidating the estate of a loved one.


How do estate sales work?  First, we will have a conversation to discuss your needs and expectations. Then if it sounds like we can help you, we'll schedule a free consultation to view your items and answer all your questions.  The next step is our crew will bring in tables, shelving, cloths, etc. that we need to best stage your items for a successful sale. We price and display all items to maximize sales.


Clients often ask "what if no one comes to the sale?"  Believe us there is no such thing. We advertise heavily via internet, print media, as well as our own personal database of loyal shoppers.  Typically, we will conduct the sale over three sessions, depending upon the amount of merchandise you have to liquidate.  We estimate that during our sales we consistently sell between 90 and 95% of the contents. There is a market for everything and we'll do our best to find the one for your items.


In addition to running the sale, we also offer services for unusual, extraordinary, or upscale items you may own. For example, a rare collection of steins or a listed artist's painting or valuable instruments may fare better at an auction house than an onsite estate sale. We will find the best avenue to sell your treasures.


One question everyone asks is: What should I keep or throw away?  The answer is: Keep everything and throw away nothing!  People are willing to purchase everything from old war memorabilia, half full bottle of dish liquid, costumes, pots and pans, old toys, costume jewelry (and broken gold/sterling jewelry), antiques & contemporary items, clothing/furs, paintings, canned goods, yard items, tools, vehicles, bric-a-brac, as well as the furniture and household items we all have in our homes!  Please do not throw anything away until we meet - you may be unwittingly tossing treasures.


We have a great crew of people who are dedicated to making your estate sale both stress-free and profitable.  In fact, it's a bit like hosting a party except people come to pay fair prices for your "treasures" and carry them away for you! 


Call now if you have any questions and/or to set up an appointment.  It's never too early to start the process.   


We accept cash and all major credit cards.


For your peace of mind, we are fully insured/bonded/registered. References can be provided upon request.